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ImpressCMS 1.3.7

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of ImpressCMS 1.3.7
New users should download the latest full version, users who already have a XOOPS 2.0.x or ImpressCMS site should get the latest upgrade packages.

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The module is a jack-of-all-trades, although it does not look like first. But it has so many features and capabilities. For example, as "social networks" as a profile module with its own created fields. Incl. Video and audio integration. Upload images as a photo album. Create your own groups to discuss ideas or to start discussions. Or participate in other groups.

Through the intelligent personalization settings it is very capable and will more than meet the privacy.

THE 2.2 version of this MODULE IS INTRODUCED WITH the ImpressCMS 1.3.5 package.
If you deleted the module, or you want to update on an older version, you can retrieve it again.

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File Size
362.77 Kb
Wed, 20-Nov-2013
Proposed by
Release Status

Release Date
PHP Compatibility
5.x, 5.3 
MySQL Compatibility
Environment (System) Requirements
ImpressCMS 1.3+
Additional Requirements

Not Applicable
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Not Supplied
Support Web Site

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Home Page/Demo

Not Supplied
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